"W VIP Enterprises"



W VIP Enterprises specializes in Fitness Management , Corporate Wellness, Real Estate and Luxurious Travel Concierge services. W VIP is fully experienced and equipped to take the most advanced demands and/or help with your personal needs. At the end of the day your passion is our passion. we want to inspire you to live your fullest life imaginable. What motivates us here at W VIP is your overall VIP Experience. The combined knowledge and experience of the W VIP team in health, fitness, real estate and affordable personalized travel has culminated in the
formation of an elite team that is totally committed to your needs and desires.

W VIP Travel

W VIP is able to offer a wide range of ersonalized travel services! We personally and professionally
attend to your every travel need and make suggestions to help you experience all the best attractions this world as to offer. We personally respond positively to your demands for travel by making your reservations for accurately and efficiently.

W VIP Corporate Wellness Solutions

W Corporate Wellness specializes in the design, planning, implementation, and management of
comprehensive corporate wellness programs. W Corporate Wellness Solutions is fully experienced and equipped to take the most advanced center design and management services, wellness education services and innovative fitness training solutions onsite right to the customers’ doorsteps. A passion for inspiring and changing people through health and fitness promotion and leveraging that drive for the added benefit of communities and organizations is what motivates W Corporate Wellness Solutions. The combined knowledge and experience of the W team in health, fitness, and commercial enterprises has culminated in the formation of an elite team of wellness professionals.

W VIP Real Estate Investment

Our mission is to build generational wealth, one generation at a time.

W VIP Investment team participate in acquisition, rehab, and rental of real estate properties. We concentrate on opportunistic investments in real estate in which we can utilize our resources to create value. Utilizing market knowledge to identify undervalued assets and creating value through rehab and property-level enhancements, our company makes strategic investments in real estate assets which provide an opportunity for superior rates of return.

W VIP Fitness Management and Consultant

W places a strong focus on helping clients achieve success in a highly competitive field. We cater to both single club and multi-club operations. With our varied business background, we cover all types of operations from the small boutique type clubs to full size athletic clubs.

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