W VIP Corporate Wellness Solutions

W Corporate Wellness specializes in the design, planning, implementation, and management of comprehensive corporate wellness programs. W Corporate Wellness Solutions is fully experienced and equipped to take the most advanced center design and management services, wellness education services and innovative fitness training solutions onsite right to the customers’ doorsteps. A passion for inspiring and changing people through health and fitness
promotion and leveraging that drive for the added benefit of communities and organizations is what motivates W Corporate Wellness Solutions. The combined knowledge and experience of the W team in health, fitness, and commercial enterprises has culminated in the formation of an elite team of wellness professionals.

Why W Corporate Wellness Solutions?

Customizable Programs - We are able to fully devote appropriate time, attention, and efforts to a wide variety of wellness projects within a varying scope of needs for many clients.

Customer Service – We address challenges, issues, concerns, questions, and RFP’s with speed, professionalism, and attention to quality, making dealing with CW3 as smooth and effortless as possible.

Creative Solutions – We use strong business awareness and fitness expertise to specialize in creating a streamlined translation between the effects of services on
employees to effects on organizations.

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Fitness Center Design/Management

The development of innovative and effective training centers is effectively facilitated by W Corporate Wellness Solutions’ strong team of fitness management professionals. The goal of these initiatives is to create and manage facilities that not only support the well-being of patrons through innovative fitness solutions but also supports the business goals of organizational bodies. Facility evaluation, consulting, design, equipping, staffing, and management are among the services that W Corporate Wellness Solutions specializes in.

Corporate Wellness Programs

A keen awareness and facilitation of the synchronicity between workforce benefits and organization benefits emerging from investments in workplace wellness is the central focus of the Corporate Wellness Program service. W Corporate Wellness Solutions specializes in effectively leveraging the strength of a healthy workforce into the strength of a healthy organization. Through the employment of modern fitness training and education solutions, CW3 helps businesses capitalize on the benefits of physical fitness in many ways including improved recruitment and retention, reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity. Training solutions can be customized to effectively respond to different groups.

Personal Training

W Corporate Wellness Solutions specializes in implementing customized personal training programs under a broad spectrum of circumstances. Programs can be tailored to fit the models of residential communities, hotels, businesses, or special events. A number of different programs can be tailored to fit the needs of many groups or individuals in different venues. W
Corporate Wellness Solutions specializes in unique training circumstances.